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We provide the following warranties on our products:

Cleaning and Maintenance

CARBOLITE awnings, like all awnings will need regular cleaning over time to make the product look like new. As polycarbonate , whilst very strong, does scratch easily. All care must be taken to ensure that the following cleaning procedures are adhered to.

  1. Use a soft cloth. Anything abrasive will scratch the material.
  2. Put the cloth in water. You can add a dab of dish washing liquid to the water to cut through grease but do not use too much. You will be left with soapy marks throughout the awning otherwise.
  3. Gently hose down the awning just to get the awning wet. Do not use direct spray anywhere near the seals as you may penetrate water into the polycarbonate flutes.
  4. Gently wipe down the awning. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS TO CLEAN
  5. Gently hose down to wash away any residue.
  6. To prevent water marks, gently wipe down with a dry cloth.

For stubborn marks, we recommend a citrus cleaner called DESOLVIT (Available from Bunnings). This works well on bird droppings, excess silicone etc.

If you still do not fell comfortable cleaning these awnings, we recommend you contact the following.


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Phone:         0414 248 598
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