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CARBOLITE has returned awnings that customers have ordered and cancelled. They are pristine new and come with full warranties but are heavily discounted as they are set sizes. The sizes are set and ready to be collected and hence cannot be altered. Please enquire and confirm as some of the awnings are not physically at our warehouse (at customers’ warehouses). We can arrange these as soon as possible. For Installation Guides, please refer to our Technical Data.

Carbolite Awnings and Louvres

Aquila Awnings

These are the DIY awnings that come in a box. They are available for collection immediately. These awnings are direct from Europe and ready for installation. Made from high strength galavanised steel with solid polycarbonate sheeting, this awning will give you the glass look at a fraction of the price. Pick it up from Seven Hills, or we can organise freight to your house (freight extra). Aquila Awnings are perfect for covering the front door ways or small windows. They are not available anywhere except our warehouse. We can ship to anywhere within Australia.

Flat design(766) Primrose Frame Opal 2000mm x 1160mm $808.50
Flat design(866) Primrose Frame Bronze Sheet 1500mm x 960mm $629.00
Bullnose design(302) White Frame Row 3, Content 2 5125mm x1600mm $1 900.00
Flat design(197) Black Frame Opal 2220mm X 960mm $859.50
Flat design(271) Black Frame Grey Sheet 2030mm X 1160mm $1039.50
Bullnose design(962) Primrose Frame Clear Sheet 2050mm x 1500mm $1 520.10
Flat design(1323) Black Frame Grey Sheet 2900mm x 1450mm $1653.25
Bullnose design(369) White Frame Grey Sheet 2500mm x 1520mm $1 700.00
Bullnosed design(717) White Frame Opal 2950mm x 960mm $1 100.00
Flat Design(505) Black Frame Grey Sheet 2225mm x 960mm $760.00
Arm Supported Louvre(1527P) Mill(Standard Dulux Powder Coating Colour) Flat Blades 1490mm x 450mm $285.00
Aquila Awning 1500mm x 920mm Silver Metallic Steel Frame with Clear sheeting $399.00 each
Aquila Awning 1500mm x 920mm Silver Metallic Steel Frame with Grey sheeting $399.00 each

Download the Aquila Awning Product and Installation Information

All Prices Include GST