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Gable Roofs are a traditional finished look for backyard patio covers. Our CARBOLITE Gable Roofs are designed by using fully welded aluminium trusses approved by our engineers for greater spans and piece of mind.

Using 100 x 50 x 3.0mm material (depending on spans), all aluminium is powdercoated for a low maintenance finish. The gables are produced from fully welded trusses, which are not only decorative but also efficient for greater spans. Using these members with welded webbing (small support beams within the truss), trusses can be up to 40% more efficient in spans than single spanning beams.

The trusses can be attached to the fascia (by using fascia brackets) through the existing house roof (by using Extenda brackets). The trusses fit on top of these brackets and crossbeams are attached. Once the frame is in place, the CARBOLITE system of sheets/H bars is installed on top for a fully glazed roof. Ridge caps are also used to cover the top where both sides of the sheeting meet.

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