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Arm Supported Louvres are simply a variation to our Cantilevered Louvre design. The louvre panel is attached at the rear to a 50mm angle and is supported by a 38mm x 25mm RHS arms using the standard CARBOLITE awning brackets. The arms can be attached either below or above the awning.

There are two key advantages of the arm supported louvre compared to the cantilevered louvre. These offer ideal protection for western facing windows and doors from afternoon sun. More importantly, the arm fixing is a cheaper alternative thereby reducing the overall cost of these louvres.

The louvre panels can be either 75mm RHS blade or 85mm elliptical blades. Both blades are set at 45 degrees and fixed.
In addition, protection from rain can be achieved by integrating a 3.0 mm solid polycarbonate sheet.