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Colour Choices

Twinwall Colours

The twinwall comes in 5 designer colours. As displayed, in order from top to bottom; Clear, Opal, Bronze, Gray and Solar Metallic.

Clear twinwall is suggested for areas that receive limited sunlight. Being transparent, light and heat transmissions are higher resulting in greater natural light.

Solar metallic, being opaque, offers the best sun protection while sacrificing light.

For more information see the table below with light and heat transmissions in conjunction with twinwall samples in the accompanying photo.

Colour Light Transmission Heat Transmission
Clear 86% 72%
Opal 68% 68%
Bronze 42% 45%
Grey 42% 45%
Solar Metallic 25% 28%

Light Transmission:
The percentage of the incident visible light that passes through the sheet.

Heat Transmission:
The percentage of incident solar radiation that passes through the sheet.

8mm Twinwall polycarbonate is UV coated on both sides.

Frame Colours

The aluminium frames are available in 4 standard colours. White, Classic Cream (Primrose), Black Satin and Bronze anodised (limited range). For customised colours, powdercoating is available at an additional charge.

See the Dulux website (please click on this link).

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