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History of Carbolite

CARBOLITE was formed in 1991 to cater for the growing need for translucent awnings. The product needed for this awning had to follow certain criteria. It had to be strong to withstand the elements of “mother nature”, it had to be flexible for attractive design and it had to be practical for it to be considered as an awning alternative.

The material chosen was polycarbonate. CARBOLITE then developed equipment to thermo form or “curve” the sheets. This allowed the introduction of the attractive bull nose design.  Heavy advertising in 1993 saw the product profile rise and has done so ever since. CARBOLITE then introduced a wide array of applications. From small window coverings to large commercial applications, CARBOLITE cover a wide variety of designs to suit all needs.

CARBOLITE is a dedicated wholesaler of premium polycarbonate products and systems. We believe we differ from standard suppliers of material due to our array of systems rather than simple products. We can also recommend many installers for our systems who carry out individual quotations on site and installations.

CARBOLITE uses premium grade polycarbonate and source most of our other materials from well known Australian businesses. Names like CAPRAL, SABIC Lexan and G James Extrusions to name a few. We take pride in our quality and service ensuring a reputable name in the market place. By associating ourselves with these large international businesses, we can be innovative and creative and remain ahead of competition by introducing new products.

CARBOLITE continue to innovate new products from our research and development team. We use this website to inform the public of new products on the horizon.

CARBOLITE is a manufacturer only but can offer a free measure and service in NSW and Victoria via our authorised dealers network. For further information on us or our distributors, please phone us on (02) 9674 2500 or refer to the Distributors Link on the menu above.

The factory is based in the western suburb industrial area of Seven Hills. It’s an easy connection from any of Sydney’s main roads and motorways. We are open Monday to Friday from 7.30-4.30 pm.

Contacting Carbolite

If you wish to contact us we encourage you to use one of the following methods:

Email: sales@carbolite.com.au
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We are located at the following address:
Unit 2/4 Welder Road
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Company Details

CARBOLITE is the trading name of Carbolite Pty Ltd ABN 66 001 899 501

The registered offices of Carbolite Pty Ltd t/as CARBOLITE

Unit 2/4 Welder Road
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